#TurkeyTales: First weekend’s travels.

You know you can't wait to get out of the city and travel around Turkey when instead of going to the hospital on Friday, which is the planned sensical professional thing to do, you skip that and jump on the first morning train going west! Selçuk: I would've loved to spend some time in the... Continue Reading →

Turkey Tales: Gettıng here, fırst ımpressıons.

The hardest part of preparıng for the trıp was to pack and get actually ready to come here, when all I wanted to do ıs take the day (/week to be more accurate) off and just sleep on and on and on... But the stress of last few hours fınally kıcked ın and I could... Continue Reading →

What Patch Adams has taught me

These are not actual teachings, but rather ideas he discussed with us and that got me thinking. The post might be longer than usual but if one line down here gives you some inspiration then I've done good passing the word around. Please read through out it and pass it on 🙂 -If you have to... Continue Reading →

Red-Nosed People

  If you have been around long enough, by now you should already know that I like to rebond with my blog after finals. I've been thinking for a while to share with you what Patch Adams has taught me during the brief time I spent around him. So let's make part I about how... Continue Reading →

“Soufi, mon amour!” en lecture.

Si je devais choisir un mot pour qualifier la prestation à laquelle j'ai assisté ce soir (Samedi dernier, retard de publication :p) , ce serait "intense". La description de l’événement disait "adaptation très personnelle du roman" et je me suis demandée comment serait-ce possible? De prendre le roman de son contexte mystic historique et l'adapter de... Continue Reading →

Finals review

My new year's resolutions had a "blog post at least once in two weeks" among them. Four weeks later, it is still (unfortunately) just a resolution. In my defense: Finals. So now that they are over, I'm hear to talk to you about: well, mostly.. finals. These finals happened in a setting so different from... Continue Reading →

A tale from Egypt.

I fought my way into going, and just as things started to work out they fell apart, so I had to fight my way into not going. Eventually, I accepted that Egypt is gonna happen, only not as it was planned but as a total "I don't know what's gonna happen next" experience. --"When everything... Continue Reading →

Before Sunrise-Sunset-Midnight.

"The attraction of the one-that-got-away story is that it can remain an untested and ideal love forever." I find this by "coincidence" as I'm reading an article, and it reminds me of a movie I watched a while ago. I had the urge to write a movie review after I watched "Before Sunrise", but instead... Continue Reading →

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