The flights story

I got on an airplane on Friday at 9am (Moroccan time) and arrived to destination Saturday 4pm (Moroccan time) 11Pm (local time), but in between, a lot has happened. The day started at 5am waking up at my friend's apartment and then her driving me through fog an hour later. It was so foggy it... Continue Reading →

7 reasons why you should go on an ifmsa exchange

Having gone on an a professional exchange with the IFMSA twice, I feel it is my responsibility to encourage you to go on one too. So here are 7 reasons why you should register for an ifmsa exchange program: 1. The people. Yes, I'm starting with that. People are what make experiences great. You'll meet amazing... Continue Reading →

20 more days in Spain

I was thinking I would write 3 posts about this travel: 10 first days in Spain/10 more days/ and then 10 last days. But when the experience is so intense, it doesn't give you time to stop and write about it. You live it first, and tell yourself that you'll write later. So here are... Continue Reading →

10 days in Spain

Madrid was great! I mean: - a rough start when I landed in the airport late at night and found there was a taxi strike and didn't know how to get to the city, so, I sort of just decided I'd hang out at the airport until the morning, but luckily, an overpriced bus came... Continue Reading →


"How do you know when you're in love?" I asked my best friend. He's in love and, for the most of the time, happy about it. Therefore, he gave me a long spontaneous speech about what love is. It left me indifferent. I thought about googling it, but I didn't, it would've been too much.... Continue Reading →

Happy whatever.

This has been written exactly three years ago (barely edited tonight), but I was never sure it was a good idea to make it public. Even now I am posting it full of doubts. But some kind of stories, just linger at the back of my drafts, and they shouldn't be there anymore; they just feel... Continue Reading →

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