10 days in Spain

Madrid was great! I mean: - a rough start when I landed in the airport late at night and found there was a taxi strike and didn't know how to get to the city, so, I sort of just decided I'd hang out at the airport until the morning, but luckily, an overpriced bus came... Continue Reading →

Turkey Tales: Oh Istanbul!

Knowing that my time in the city is limited to 3 days, I only took 2 hours after my 10 hours sleepless bus ride to sleep in the room of a Turkish girl whose name I don't remember (sorry! In my defense; I was so sleepy and it was the only interaction we had), and... Continue Reading →

A tale from Egypt.

I fought my way into going, and just as things started to work out they fell apart, so I had to fight my way into not going. Eventually, I accepted that Egypt is gonna happen, only not as it was planned but as a total "I don't know what's gonna happen next" experience. --"When everything... Continue Reading →

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