20 more days in Spain

I was thinking I would write 3 posts about this travel: 10 first days in Spain/10 more days/ and then 10 last days. But when the experience is so intense, it doesn't give you time to stop and write about it. You live it first, and tell yourself that you'll write later. So here are... Continue Reading →

10 days in Spain

Madrid was great! I mean: - a rough start when I landed in the airport late at night and found there was a taxi strike and didn't know how to get to the city, so, I sort of just decided I'd hang out at the airport until the morning, but luckily, an overpriced bus came... Continue Reading →

A tale from Egypt.

I fought my way into going, and just as things started to work out they fell apart, so I had to fight my way into not going. Eventually, I accepted that Egypt is gonna happen, only not as it was planned but as a total "I don't know what's gonna happen next" experience. --"When everything... Continue Reading →

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