"How do you know when you're in love?" I asked my best friend. He's in love and, for the most of the time, happy about it. Therefore, he gave me a long spontaneous speech about what love is. It left me indifferent. I thought about googling it, but I didn't, it would've been too much.... Continue Reading →

The struggle of an Introvert in a big social event

I don't really go to big social events, and when I do, I experience them quite differently from most people. So here's a glimpse of what goes on the mind of me (an Introvert) in an event where the number of attendees exceeds my freaking out threshold: →Buzzing off and you asking what's up; I am... Continue Reading →

Happy whatever.

This has been written exactly three years ago (barely edited tonight), but I was never sure it was a good idea to make it public. Even now I am posting it full of doubts. But some kind of stories, just linger at the back of my drafts, and they shouldn't be there anymore; they just feel... Continue Reading →

What Patch Adams has taught me

These are not actual teachings, but rather ideas he discussed with us and that got me thinking. The post might be longer than usual but if one line down here gives you some inspiration then I've done good passing the word around. Please read through out it and pass it on 🙂 -If you have to... Continue Reading →

Finals review

My new year's resolutions had a "blog post at least once in two weeks" among them. Four weeks later, it is still (unfortunately) just a resolution. In my defense: Finals. So now that they are over, I'm hear to talk to you about: well, mostly.. finals. These finals happened in a setting so different from... Continue Reading →

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