What Patch Adams has taught me

These are not actual teachings, but rather ideas he discussed with us and that got me thinking. The post might be longer than usual but if one line down here gives you some inspiration then I've done good passing the word around. Please read through out it and pass it on 🙂 -If you have to... Continue Reading →

A glance of the American dream

Kansas Women Leadership Institute - This experience has been amazingly overwhelming that I've spent so much time thinking "How can I put it in words ?". I first wanted to name the post "The grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence" but I would've been lying, because in America, the grass is... Continue Reading →

Hide and Seek !

So, imagine this : You breaking into a house that isn't yours, and just a few minutes later you hear the owner opening the door. Only then do you realize that it was an awfully bad idea. You look for a hideout, but since you don't have the time to go upstairs the only choice... Continue Reading →

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