All the places I have stayed in Kuala Lumpur and why I had to leave

I laugh at myself when I think of this. Yes, I am a nomad. But even I didn’t expect so much nomadism out of myself within the same city. But oh well, it happened! So I might as well make something good out of it and tell you what things I liked and didn’t like about the different places I stayed.

  • Backhome. First place I went to. Straight from the Airport. They sure made a good impression. The staff is very friendly. The welcoming refreshing drink is a nice gesture. Clean facilities. Clean rooms with the largest lockers I’ve seen in a hostel. I loved the coziness of the Christmassy common social area. Good breakfast. Free coffee and tea throughout the day. Nice kitchen. Movie room!!

Reason why I left: I was pmsing. I had my period on the flight. Again. Looks like this is becoming my new thing! Anyway, I had really bad cramps, a really bad mood and couldn’t stand being with other people in the same room.

  • KL Short Stay @ D’Majestic Place. I decided that I deserved some good personal space and comfort. The hotel is fancy looking. Killer views. Rooftop well-equiped Gym. Rooftop infinity pool. A big bummer though was the stains on the sheets. Both beds. I was disgusted. I didn’t wanna see that. I told the host about it and his answer was: It doesn’t mean they’re dirty, it’s permanent stains. Well here’s an idea: change the sheets! The whole concept of the ‘short stay’ is odd to me. No reception, no assistance. Even as I put my dust bin outside the room it wasn’t emptied. You have to contact the staff prior to going and wait for them to give you the key, and then to check out you leave the key on the bed and send a text. Just odd!

Reason why I left: 2 nights! enough pampering! back to reality!


  • Dorms KL. Harsh reality quicked back in! Doing some research, Dorms KL came up as the best “overall hostel” in KL. Oh well, I think things have changed. The staff, nice people, seemed to be in over their heads. I had to wait for an hour and a half just to do the check in. The dorms were fully booked. It started raining and water was dripping from the ceiling next to my bed. I knew the sound of dripping water would bother my sleep so I told the staff about it, asking to change rooms, but dah! fully booked. The only solution was to change to a private room. The room had not been cleaned, and the guy had to rush to get fresh bed covers and change the used one. In over their heads I’m telling you! After switching to the private room it was fine. Good showers. Fair breakfast. Nice common area. Very good location, right in the middle of the golden triangle.

Reason why I left: I believed that for the same price, I can get a better place. Also growing kind of fond of this moving thing, why not explore more?!

  • The Explorers Guesthouse. My favorite in Kuala Lumpur. A very chilled place. The ambiance perfectly suited my likings. Cozy lobby. I love the purple walls so much that I would have been posing for photos there if there weren’t too many hangings on them. Kitchenette. Fair breakfast. Coffee and tea throughout the day. Comfortable dorms.

I left because it was time to leave KL.

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