All the things I did in Kuala Lumpur in two days

I’ve been in kuala lumpur for 4 days but i only had two active days exploring the city. The first day, I had cramps and stayed the whole day in my hotel room lying in bed. The 3rd day I was in a hostel and it was raining so heavily so I just hanged in the lobby working on my computer and watching the rain fall through the window. In between here is all I managed to visit in KL:



I went back and did all the smelling on my last day in KL.
  • The plan was to start with Merdaka Square, but walking there I stumbled upon the Central Market, so I toured it first. The market has everything from clothes to food to souvenirs to electronics… My favorite thing about it is the soap stand. I love soap smells! so I had to walk by fast, ’cause if I start smelling I’ll start buying.. and that is dangerous!!


  • KL city gallery. A very beautiful one. I loved walking there reading about the history of the city. They put on a light show every 15 minutes and it is so good to watch. I find the whole idea and how it’s executed brilliant. You learn about the history and the culture at your own pace and in a nice setting. I am so impressed by the architect who made all the cityscape models.




  • Merdaka Square. (Independance Square) is the home of the 100m Malaysian flag pole, one of the highest in the world. It holds a special significance, for on the 31st of August 1957 at 12am, the Union Flag was lowered and the Malayan flag raised for the first time.
  • Sultan Abdulsamad Building. The least I can say about this building is that it is stunnig! Very beautiful architecture. It used to hold the offices of the British colonial administration and now it’s the house of some ministries.

The cool thing is that all these places are very close to each other. From there you can walk across the bridge on the River of Life, and even visit the Jamek Mosque.



  • Petronas Twin Towers. A classical must when you’re in Kuala Lumpur. I love the postmodern fortified steal look they have. I didn’t go in, but I sure took selfies outside.

It’s a long walk from Merdaka Square but you can take a bus. A very cool thing is that Kuala Lumpur has a company serving the city, locals and tourists, with free buses since 2012 and with 3 different lines. I still haven’t experienced them because I always choose to walk, but just to know that this alternative is available is great!

(by the time this post is published, I have hopped on them twice!)

  • Jalan Alor. The ultimate place for street food. The street is vibrant with cheap food hawkers. Chinese, Malay, Vietnamese, Thai.. there is something for everyone! And that’s where I had my late afternoon lunch before heading back to the hotel. I was planning to eat at a place called Wong Ah Wah, because researching about the city it came up many times as the best restaurant. Unfortunately, I found it closed so I ate at the place next door.



  • KLCC park. A very calm soothing place. I don’t know if it’s just because it was morning or not a lot of people go there in general, but I loved having a peaceful place in the middle of a loud noisy big city. From there I walked to and through the KL Forest Eco Park. No such thing as too many parks in a day, is there?




  • Menara KL tower. Again, I didn’t go in. I just visit, admire, and take pictures from outside. These towers are touristic attractions. Other than the fact that they’re not cheap to get in, I really strive to stay as much away from the toursit style of travel as I can. When you think about it, how many of the locals would you say actually got in these towers?!



  • Petaling Street in China town. I walked fast through this street since it’s a shopping haul, and I have no interest in that. What I loved though was the next street. I am fascinated by the Chinese food stalls and just how they do things in general. I look at them and my mind goes: this is art!



  • Perdana Botanical Gardens. Honestly. I was a little too lost trying to get there. It’s a long walk. And just when you think you got there, you realize you didn’t. ‘Are we there yet?’ kept being asked in my head and the answer that kept coming up is NO! The thing is the garden is made of different separate parks: bird park, orchid garden, butterfly park, deer park and it takes forever to get to the main botanical gardens. I really wanted to visit the Butterfly park but I was running out of time and had to go back to the city center.
  • Little India. Everything Indian! Everything colorful! Food (ofc), jewellery, Sari shops.. You know you’ve reached Little India when you start seeing the beautiful colored arches layed up in the street. I am so falling in love with Indian Cuisine and there is so much to try but not enough space in my tummy.. 20181219_160234.jpg

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