2016, goodbye! 2017, Cheers, darling!


I was walking back home earlier facing that splendid pink sky that this last sunset of 2016 offered until it disappeared, then, I drowned in my thoughts.. A group of teen aged girls walked by me wearing red caps and chanting, and they, in chorus, wished me a happy new year on the most joyful tone. It took me a few seconds to get resuscitated from my own thoughts and I turned back to thank them, and it got me smiling for a while.. and just like that, day made!

And what is a good life other than these little acts of kindness that make a hard day a little less harsh on the body and soul.

Life is good when you keep on growing and evolving, learning, unlearning, taking from the world and giving back. The awkward feeling when Facebook throws a memory of 3 years ago at you, and you look at it and think “was that me?!” and you’re kind of ashamed; is not bad really! It is a concrete reminder of how far you’ve come and it makes you thankful for how much you’ve grown and for the person you’re becoming.

Lately the amount of negativity towards what 2016 has been was exceptionally exaggerated. I felt sorry every time I saw an online statement of how awful this year has been. Yes that 2016 horror movie is kinda funny but, can we stop already? 2016 hasn’t been that bad!

It is all in our actions, we make the days that make the months that make the years of our lives that we end up judging how bad or how good they have been. And bad things happen, people die, they’ll continue to, it hurts, but that’s also an aspect of life we end up accepting while praying with every atom in our bodies for the people we love to live longer than us…

Life is a continuum. A new year is just an opportunity to start fresh, reflect on what has been and try harder to be better. So how about we start by giving up the habit of blaming a unit of time for everything that we think went wrong, and instead try to appreciate the good that it brought along, no matter how small or insignificant that might be.

Personally, 2016 is the year I finally left behind a negative set that has been weighing me down way too long. It’s been a struggle, and I had to do it all alone, but I pulled through.. So for that, and for the few but very precious people that I was lucky enough to have around me this year.. I’m thankful. And I’m ready to just keep on living and trying my best for the next 365 days. 2017, Cheers, darling!


*The energy to write this post was sponsored by the lovely girls who wished me, a stranger, a happy new year. Thank you!
*I’m sorry for the self promotion picture, I really couldn’t think of anything else to put along.
*I’ll probably be studying as we transit from the 6 to the 7, so if you’re doing anything else slightly more cheerful, there, you found something to be grateful for 😉

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