#TurkeyTales: First weekend’s travels.

You know you can’t wait to get out of the city and travel around Turkey when instead of going to the hospital on Friday, which is the planned sensical professional thing to do, you skip that and jump on the first morning train going west!

Selçuk: I would’ve loved to spend some time in the town, visit the historical side of it, specially the home of Virgin Mary, but we weren’t sure of our ability to get a ride to Şirince so we had to leave right away.


We were wrong about not finding a ride (not complaining), and us, girls, rose up to the challenge and managed to get a ride in less than 10 minutes.

Instead of takıng us straight to Şirince, our ride stopped at Nesin Matematik köyü, a beautiful camp resort where an advanced maths competition for university and high school students was being held. We spent some time walking around the camp kidding, pretending to play piano, eating fıgs off the trees and learning some new things about Turkish famous figures off of amphis/libraries’ names 😀


Şirince: Our walk to Şirince from the camp was about 2Kms, and in spite of the burning sun, I enjoyed it very much!!

Wandering around Şirince, I was thinking ”ok, this is pretty much leg day!” because the town’s alleys keep going up and you have to really stretch between one step and the other.

I liked the town’s 19th century ambiance and how beautiful its natural views are, everywhere you look! A greek writer who once lived there described it saying: ”If paradise really exists, Şirince, our village was corner of it.”.


We had lunch before going around wine tasting (or wine smelling/wine picturing for me since I don’t drink alcohol). I can tell you that blueberries wine smells sooo good, and that temptation was floating around because most of the people were there FOR the wine and drank it with such undeniably visible enthusiasm that you couldn’t help but yearn for it!

Pamukkale: We almost missed the train on Saturday morning, because we, girls, stayed up late and only woke up to the boys calling, 20 minutes before the departure. The ride to Denizli was a long cold one, then we stopped in for breakfast before continuing to our destination.

I had seen Pamukkale on images and was so mesmerized by its beauty so I ended up adding it to my bucket list. But somehow, being there made me consider rethinking that list.

Don’t get me wrong! It is an absolutely astonishing natural resort. The cotton white carbonate deposits are so beautiful to see and touch, and the water running down is one of my favorite things in the world, but still I was expecting more out of it. Maybe I would’ve enjoyed it more if it was less touristically crowded!


A Cappadocia tour was planned this weekend for the international medical students coming through ifmsa to Turkey. I wanted to go but it was so expensive. I rather take that money and travel to three diffrent places than spend it all on a luxurious visit to a single city. Plus, I’m not a fan of touristic tours anyways, the crowd would drive me nuts!

Kuşadası was our plan for Sunday, but with the all day long hectic traveling and the very late night going to sleep, we were just gonna spend the day zombie walking around from exhaustion, so, instead, we slept in and decided to have a lazy eating, sleeping, playing games and hanging out in a coffeshop overlooking the city by sunset kind of day 🙂

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