What Patch Adams has taught me

These are not actual teachings, but rather ideas he discussed with us and that got me thinking. The post might be longer than usual but if one line down here gives you some inspiration then I’ve done good passing the word around. Please read through out it and pass it on 🙂


-If you have to break the law to stay true to your principles, do it!

-Happy, funny, loving, cooperative, creative and thoughtful; that is what makes a great doctor.

-“Maybe mental illness is a healthy response to a messed up society”; if you’re doing horrible things, what better way to control people than to keep them mentally ill? He said think about that for a moment, I tell you the same 😉 When you’re depressed can you rise up? When you’re anxious and bored and afraid and lonely?

-Loving is the most important thing in life; and yet no public school in the world teaches one hour, in 13 years, of the most important thing in life. How messed up is that?

-The worst human experience is loneliness. Depression isn’t an illness it’s a pharmaceutical company diagnosis. Depression is a symptom of loneliness.

-Whatever mental health you have, you made. No one here has their mental health made by someone else.

-There are huge numbers of paths to mental health. Friendship is the strongest one. You can find peace in nature.

-Rich in today’s world always means money. Rich should never mean money. If you have fabulous friends, you’re rich. If you have your health, you’re rich. If you have interests.. All of that makes you rich! In my world, I couldn’t conceive how anyone would have more money than they need, as soon as they have what they need, they give the rest away. And that way you would never be rich in what you take, you will always be rich in what you give.

-“I dove into an ocean of gratitude and never found a shore” he answered when I asked him how come he hasn’t had one bad day in 52 years. Be thankful for all the blessings. Gratitude is not to be listed and checked off, it’s to be experienced in all the.. nature, the arts, your friends, your life, your health.. Those things are radiant, you can feel them!

-“I’m in love with Suzan. If you’re willing to sit for the next five hours I’ll tell you why. If you have any dreams for romance, they are possible. You just have to be intelligent in your choosing.”

-“The violence in the world is what made me an activist. I am a really smart person and I couldn’t understand how some people hated other people because of their color. If you’re blind, everyone is dark.”

-“If I had a magic wand I would turn everything over to women for the next thousand years, because every problem in history was caused by men. Most of the love came from women.”

-Live from intention! “I will love life. I will be happy. I will be loving” Not I hope or I’ll try. Be present and pay attention then decide what performance will push you forward and see what you get out of it: Intention-Performance-Consequences! If you actually decide that you are exactly the person you decide to be, it means that however great your teens were your twenties are better, and however great your twenties were your thirties will be better.. And the same throughout your life. Because you’re living the life you decided to make.

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