Incomplete letter to my future Self

Dear future self, all the pain must add up to something. I hope it is just a sacrifice you make in the process of shaping a better you. Up to this point you have been through a lot. But you’re a strong person, you made it through it all and still smiling. Thank you for that!

Dear future self, Smile! Smile a lot! And if others are bothered by your smile, then that’s just another reason to smile some more.

Dear future self, You’ve loved more than you’ve been loved. That doesn’t mean you’re not worth it. You have a pure giving heart, and it’s one of your biggest assets. Don’t lose that!

Dear future self, You’re usually working hard. Taking care of a multitude of things all at once. Don’t forget to reward yourself every once in a while (Do it often!).

Dear future self, never be ashamed of your passions or anything that makes you who you are. People who belittle your dreams and make you feel small don’t deserve space in your life. Cut them off, and continue to care deeply about things; it’s the only way you can actually change stuff.

Dear future self, Always remember to seize the moment. You’ll worry about the consequences when you absolutely have to, but in the present instant just have some freaking fun. Don’t regret what had once made you happy!

Dear future self, You tend to complain about not being lucky enough, please drop that. Things get hard and really messed up at times but never forget how blessed you are.

Dear future self, You’re your biggest enemy, consider being yourself’s best friend for a change. I love you, so love your past self, embrace it and don’t be so harsh on it.

Dear future self, I hope by now you’ve learned that “Thank you” is the only proper answer to compliments. Accept that you inspire some people, believe them when they say you’re great and go on about being great, doing great things and inspiring some more.

Dear future self, every once in a while, remember to just STOP for a moment. Stop analyzing the past, planning the future, worrying about what went and what might go wrong. Stop trying to figure out what is it exactly that you feel, take a deep breath in, exhale and just let it be!

I wrote this letter a year ago, around this time. It was part of a “20 things to do before I’m 20” challenge that my sister had set for me. It still feels incomplete, but I wanted to share it because I’m curious to know what would you add to the letter? what would you tell your future self? Please let me know 🙂

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