Red-Nosed People



If you have been around long enough, by now you should already know that I like to rebond with my blog after finals. I’ve been thinking for a while to share with you what Patch Adams has taught me during the brief time I spent around him. So let’s make part I about how we met:

I left my department a bit (a lot) earlier than I should (sorry not sorry), and as I was walking by the children’s hospital entrance, I could hear the happy kids giggling; so I walked faster, and there they were.. clowns! It took me a while (and Jason’s help) to find Patch, but I did. And I was taking a video of him when he came and had me be silly.

He was telling me that he’s a doctor too, and I had to interrupt with my “I knoooow” and I told him the how and why of that. He was very pleased that I had written a piece about his tour on madNess. Then he said “I would do a lecture for medical students if you can put it together”. I did, and it was one of the best lectures I attended.

The next day a couple of friends and I had the chance to go clown with him in an orphanage. Even I would be surprised to know that I clowned (poorly, but still) and it was an experience I’m glad I didn’t miss due to “comfort zone”.

Anyway, the main reason that got me writing today is that a special day is celebrated in the U.S. tomorrow. And that is: Red Nose Day. It made me think about Patch (since he’s so fond of red noses) and “Laugh. Give. Save a kid.” is something he would say.

Red Nose Day raises funds to help kids with financial needs (medical or not) in the US and around the world, through entertainment. Here’s their website if you’d like to donate, or just find out more about what they do:

Patch’s teachings are next inshaAllah 🙂

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