Finals review

My new year’s resolutions had a “blog post at least once in two weeks” among them. Four weeks later, it is still (unfortunately) just a resolution. In my defense: Finals. So now that they are over, I’m hear to talk to you about: well, mostly.. finals.

These finals happened in a setting so different from the one I got used to since I got into medschool, because:

►We basically studied the whole semester’s syllabus in less than two months, the pace was so fast that I can barely remember which professor taught me which course (please consider that I had a subject taught by +9 professors).

►We had very little time to prepare for the exams, and the commission in charge of that didn’t wanna hear a thing.

►The whole thing felt like a payback. Considering we, Moroccan medical students, went on a 64 days strike to get the government to listen to some of our basic needs, and most of our professors didn’t support us, it was very predictable that there were gonna be consequences.

►The KWLI reunion took place in Rabat less than 2 weeks before, it lasted 4 amazing days, plus a couple others touring Moroccan cities with the girls. This meant little to no studying at all, but I could bear that. Because, really, who knows when we’ll be meeting again? I could make up for the study time but not for the time spent with them.

►I didn’t stress at all this time around. And this is the most important (and surprising) thing to me. Even my family noticed that I’m not as grumpy as I usually am this time of the year. So, that’s good. Also; since the first exam I ever sat for at my university (the entrance test), I had developed a problem of barely getting any sleep the night before the exams. I tried things, but this wasn’t going away, and it only made the stress (and my grades) worst. God knows this semester was just as tough as ones before, but I did manage to get good night sleeps. I think the fact that the exams were set at 4.30pm (though it sounded and still sounds like a very bad idea) helped a little.

Until it all has to start again, I think this round actually went pretty well. Yes, I will always tell myself that I could’ve done better, but I also know that in the given circumstances that was the best I could do.

This was just a post to get some thoughts out and rebound with my blog. Thank you for sticking around to read about a theme as drab as: finals!

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