A month of being “socially disconnected”

I love challenges. Big or small, it doesn’t matter, they keep me going in life. So, December 2014, I challenged myself to go one month with no social media presence. And to make sure I don’t get tempted, I deleted facebook, whatsapp, instagram and twitter apps from both my phone and kindle (kept the facebook on kindle though because I needed to stay updated on my studies..).

Anyway, the month is over, and I wouldn’t say that it was easy. It wasn’t a “clean diet”, but I did it. And I’m writing this post to share what I got out of it.

As a start, I realized that I have 3 kinds of people in my life : First, people that consider me as an essential part of their lives (and it’s mutual, but my feelings are extended to people who are not of this category too) , whom I text and talk to on the phone regularly and so they haven’t missed a thing of my life during this period. Then, people who care enough to realize that I wasn’t around anymore, but when they’d reach out to me, they would do it through the social media tools and that’s it. And then there are the people that if I came to die, they’ll randomly hear about it months later.

On another hand, there’s something that really bothers me, but I find myself doing again, though not as much. It’s that there are some people about whom we care, we would want to share stuff with and for them to share stuff with us. But instead of telling each other things.. we tweet about them, and consider that “oh now he/she is supposed to know this about me”. No ! It’s not right, and it’s definitely not how communication should be done. Don’t get me wrong, twitter is great but maybe we should try to talk less to a wall and more to each other.

First night of January when I got to log into my accounts again, I found myself wishing that my challenge had lasted longer, and that December was extended to more than 31 days. Because now, I’m back to wasting a lot of time being present on a virtual world, “interacting” with virtual people, and it’s just terrible.

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