Walking the distance with Anass Yakine..

For those of you who don’t know. Anass Yakine is a globe-trotter who has been touring Morocco by foot since November 25th, 2012. Sharing his journey and inspiring thousands with every step he takes.


 Photo credit : Anass Yakine

You know that kind of things you tell yourself “I’m gonna do this” and still you’re deeply convinced that you will never do ?! Fortunately, this is not one of them. It took me a lot of courage to work around my Dad’s refusal of me walking in the middle of nowhere with complete strangers (which is understandable, considering the society we live in), and I’m glad I did.

The walk was entirely and truthfully as Anass would describe it saying : “Walking and thinking are two tightly associated activities, both of them aim at summits and horizons, both require effort and both are continuously unstable .. One step in front of the other is an idea after another .. Walking is the conversion of an external body travel to a thoughtful and meditative journey..”

Walking, I learned more than I would sitting in a classroom for months. I learned passion seeing Anass walk in spite of the pain caused by his foot injury. Patience, when we had to light up fire, set up a tent or simply tolerate that we don’t all walk at the same speed and that for the sake of the team we had to wait for all its members. I learned that “impossible” is a barrier we set for ourselves, that dreams are the essence of life. I persevered to be able to walk at the same rhythm of the three people walking far ahead, because I don’t like being behind (and because I wanted to be there every time we reached birds swarms to see them fly by).

The 14 people who started out as strangers, walked together as a team and ended up with strong friendship bonds. We shared everything from small talks to long deep silent moments. Some of them made me laugh so hard, some almost pushed me to tears and others sent me on long reflection paths..

I’ll forever be grateful to Anass for allowing me to be part of his journey, to walk his way and share his road. Grateful for all the acts of kindness, the touches of simplicity and the talks of wisdom that I wouldn’t miss for the world (every time I heard him talk, I would leave anything I’m doing to go sit by him and listen. If you do decide to join him : please, do the same).

Questions have arisen during this walk. Some, others have asked me. Some, I’ve asked myself without ever giving them a serious thought, but now they’re going to roll in my head for .. as long as it takes. Some I’ll find answers to (hopefully), others will remain unanswered.

I have asked questions too. From the ones I’ve asked Anass I learned that you don’t always have to choose. You don’t have to pick up your favorite experience among three, your saddest or happiest moment. You don’t have to name your favorite song, movie or book. You don’t have to decide whether it’s your dad or your mom that you love most.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to know, but you always have to live. And what a wonderful life would it be if we all go by Anass’s motto : to discover what you love and then devote yourself to it. He says that he doesn’t want to get old only to realize that he’d wasted his time on this Earth. I say let’s all try our best not to experience that feeling !

Note : Don’t be surprised if you come to know that I’ve packed again and re-joined Anass on the road, I’m just craving to learn some more 🙂

Note 2 : To Anass, excuse me for quoting your words and translating them into English.

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  1. Excellent Majda , on ressent le vécu à travers ses lignes , un voyages qui t” a marqué et dont tu as su l’ exprimer à travers des mots ^^ Bravo

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