A glance of the American dream


Kansas Women Leadership Institute – This experience has been amazingly overwhelming that I’ve spent so much time thinking “How can I put it in words ?”. I first wanted to name the post “The grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence” but I would’ve been lying, because in America, the grass is definitely greener !! Sure the U.S. has its problems (I was surprised to know that they still face gender inequality, and struck by the number of homeless people in cities like D.C. and Chicago) ,but still, it felt like the country was “light years” ahead of us. And all I can say here is that every system is perfectly designed to get the results it currently gets..

And our system ,as KWLI participants and staff, was great. Not that we didn’t have any tension or heat at times (because God knows we did), but we managed to work through them TOGETHER. As the program went on, we acknowledged that leadership is not as easy or glamorous as we tend to think, defined our values and purposes, developed a tolerance for ambiguity, and committed to working towards our goals and to ultimately thrive.

I can totally label what I had thought would be an ordinary summer exchange as a life-changing experience. I had a day when I felt so overwhelmed by the amount of information I had to process that I ended up breaking in tears : That day at the Department of State opened my eyes to a whole lot of things, that I didn’t realize before and wouldn’t have else-way. A wise Woman once said : Knowledge is power, self-knowledge is powerful and positive self-knowledge is transformative. And I know so much more about myself now than I ever did before. I have stepped out of my comfort zone repeatedly, have allowed myself to be vulnerable and came to trust that another person will actually be there for me. I came to trust that I matter, that we all do. I have received an immense support, and I still do now that we all are back to our homes. My 24 sisters expressed to me ,in many ways, that they’ve seen me grow so much as a person during the institute. And I couldn’t agree more, I feel this growth in me. I felt it then, I still feel it now, and I don’t want to lose the feeling. I don’t want to regress, I want to keep learning, evolving, and ,allow me to say, flourishing.

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