Hide and Seek !

So, imagine this : You breaking into a house that isn’t yours, and just a few minutes later you hear the owner opening the door. Only then do you realize that it was an awfully bad idea. You look for a hideout, but since you don’t have the time to go upstairs the only choice left is to hide behind a door, and that’s what you do. Five minutes passes when SUDDENLY, the person you’re hiding from opens that door you’re hiding behind. Your heart starts racing so fast it feels like it’s gonna jump right out of your chest. You wish, with all the strength you have left, that the earth would open up and swallow you, but instead of that you are completely frozen and out of breath.. That person ends up walking away, you feel relieved that you didn’t get busted and amazed by the miracle that kept that from happening (you probably should spend the rest of your days being grateful for that).

Still you need to figure out a way to get out of there. Ten.. Fifteen minutes later you’re still in the same place, same position, hating your stomach for making noises when it is not supposed to, your feet are starting to swollen.. You pray that he needs to use the bathroom, and he does.. but apparently just to wash his face, and so you pray, again, harder, that he will need to use it in a way that takes time and that evolves closing the door, and he does ! You jump out of your place and leave as fast as you can, without making any noise.

Congratulations, you have been saved this time and Karma wasn’t that hard on you, but never try this again !

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