What I learned from taking “L’INTERNAT” test

Disclosure: all of the below points have been drafted the night right after i finished the 4 tests. Yes! people go back eat well and sleep well, and my mind comes back with an article of what I learned over the last 6 months. I was thinking I will post this from a place of... Continue Reading →

Joker. A personal review.

  I watched the movie in theaters twice; on its opening night and last night. It is the first time I ever go back to watch a movie, (and if I am being honest, not stop thinking about it in between) and it being a comic book movie surprises me. While the friend that I... Continue Reading →

What a day of cruising El Nido looks like

First of all: I’ll take a moment to praise myself. Yes. I deserve it. I spent the whole day deep sea without feeling sick for even a moment; I have always struggled with sea-sickness and it has made my sea experiences less enjoyable but oh well, I guess goodbye sea-sickness! See you never! (Hopefully) Second,... Continue Reading →

All the apps I used while traveling

◆ Booking. I used their service for all my hostels bookings. I find it practical, and once you've booked a few times you get into the Genius Loyalty Program which gives you discounts. I never used Agoda, I personally don't like the platform and honestly just don't trust it. Tip: Whatever app you use, if... Continue Reading →

What to expect from Bali

 The nicest people on Earth. Balinese people are so polite. If someone bumps into you in the street they'd apologize profusely. Even if you're at fault they would apologize. Expect to be smiling a lot as you walk in the streets (at least in Ubud). You'll be receiving greetings everywhere you go!Mosquitos. Yep! Expect a... Continue Reading →

The Gili T experience

Last sunday I left Ubud for Gili Trawangan. Reason: all the awesome people I had met in Bali were either there or on their way there and I had spent very good quality time with them and wanted some more of that. The reality though is that as soon as I set foot on the... Continue Reading →

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